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How To Order

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  • You can make a payment with a Paypal account  Credit or Debit Card.
  • If you wish to pay by Paypal and have an existing account with them then just click on the Paypal button this will take you straight through to your Paypal account.  You will need to input your password. 
  • If you have changed address please make sure Paypal have your correct address otherwise your order will be sent to the wrong address.
  • If Paypal reject your payment this could be because the expiry date on the card you gave them is incorrect.  You will need to go into your Paypal account to update this information, this will not be us rejecting your payment, this will be Paypal, we cannot change anything for you this end, you have to do it yourself.  If Paypal reject the payment and you know its not the expiry date you will need to speak to Paypal and ask them why they are rejecting. 
  • If you wish to set up an account and pay by Credit or debit card then click on the button  that says Pay by Credit or Debit Card.  You will need to input your name and address and card details for the payment to be processed if you dont already have an account.  Card details are not seen this end they go straight through for processing. 
  • Please make sure your address is typed in correctly, also your email address.  If this is not correct firstly your order may go astray and secondly you will not receive an order confirmation.
  • If you have not received an order confirmation and you know you put your email address correct then please check your junk mail box as the confirmation may have gone into this box.
  • If your payment does not go through it may also be because your bank is stopping this transaction for a number of reasons, you will need to contact the bank to find out why its being stopped, it may just be the bank want to do a security check before allowing the transation to go through.
  • Also if you pay by e-cheque please be aware that the e-cheque takes up to 7 - 9 days to clear, a lot of people are not aware of this.
  • If you forget your password dont worry, just click on the box that says forgotten your password and the system will send you a new one by email.  When putting this new code in please be aware it is case sensitive. Also please be aware that your computer has a memory and sometimes it can get itself confused with new passwords, if this happens then re boot your computer and it should clear the problem.  If you still have a problem signing in then email for help.
  • Please email if you have any difficulty and we will try to assist if possible
  • I hope this makes it clear for you when ordering, if you need further help with anything please just email