How Fabric is Sold

·         Fabric is priced per quarter metre.

·         If purchasing just a quarter metre it will be sent to you as a ‘Fat Quarter’.  If you require more than a quarter metre
          you need to increase the number of quarters you add in the order section.  This will then be sent to you in a continuous
          piece of 1 = Fat Quarter,  2 = ½ mtr,  3 = ¾ mtr,  4 = 1 mtr, 6 = 1.5 mtr, 8 = 2 mtr etc

·         A fat quarter measures approx 20” x 22” (51 x 56cm).  This can sometimes vary depending on the fabric design so please check the discription .

·         Please note Guterman Fabrics are sold by long quarters.  This is extra wide fabric and
          cannot be cut as fat quarters except in packs.

·         Panels are sold individually and will vary in each size, please check description

·         Packs are sold in fat quarters and fat eighths. They vary in price depending on content.

·         Rolls are sold individually and vary in size depending on amount of strips,
           please check the description

·         Backing fabrics are priced per half metre, eg: 1 = ½ mtr, 2 = 1 mtr, 3 = 1.5 mtr and 4 = 2 mtr .

·         Waddings are sold in packs only and vary according to each size in the pack